Sterling Secure Proxy

Sterling Secure Proxy is a demilitarized zone (DMZ)-based application proxy that protects your file transfers from the public Internet, by enforcing tight controls that include trading-partner authorization, multiple-factor authentication and session-break-all before the transfer ever enters your trusted zone. This provides a high level of data protection between external connections and your internal network.

The use of SSP is a best practice necessity to guard against unauthorized access reducing data vulnerability within your B2B integration environment. Many organizations demand compliance with regulatory policies to protect their data and SSP is an integral part of insuring these requirements are met. Sterling Secure Proxy features and benefits include but are not limited to the following.

Supports IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®, IBM® Sterling Connect Express® and IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator servers utilizing one or more DMZ environments.

Minimizes rich targets in the DMZ by ensuring that files, user credentials and data are not stored in the DMZ.

Enforces internal and external security policies and establishes sessions from more-trusted to less-trusted zones.

Prevents direct communications between external and internal sessions by establishing secure session breaks in the DMZ using SSL or TLS.

Inspects protocol and sensitive control information, enabling configurable error handling for violations.

Session limits and data encryption guard against Denial-of-Service attacks.

Customizable log-on portal provides self-service password management for trading partners.

Supports single sign-on and integrates with existing security infrastructure, including Active Directory and Tivoli user databases.

Multiple factor authentication with options that include options include IP address, user ID and password, digital certificates, SSH Keys and RSA SecurIDs, enforces tight controls of trading partner identity in the DMZ before information is passed to the trusted zone.

One central configuration manager pushes out configuration rules to multiple engines running in the DMZ, making it easy to scale, supports clustering for high availability and load balancing to provide operational continuity and improved performance.

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