IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator (SI)

Sterling Integrator (SI), formerly GENTRAN Integration Suite (GIS), is the enterprise level core solution of the IBM Sterling Business Integration Suite and is a world leading business integration platform to streamline business processes.

SI enables a systematic and managed approach to support your integration requirements for both transaction-oriented and batch processes. It works with both existing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocols and Internet-based XML protocols. With SI, you can enable your existing systems to integrate past, present, and future technologies and practices.

The SI menu of unique features set it apart from the competition and make it a complete solution for your integration requirements. Based on the industry standard Unified Modeling Language (UML) the SI Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) wraps together services such as the famous any-to-any single-pass GENTRAN translation engine. With hundreds of existing industry standard services and an open flexibility for customization SI advantages include but are not limited to the following.

-Ties together applications, processes, data, and people, both within and outside your organization.

-Offers flexible options for deployment, configuration and customization, including the functionality to add capabilities one at a time.

-Complements, rather than, disrupts your critical existing systems.

-Provides a robust security infrastructure.

-Includes innovative visual management tools for easy configuration of and visibility into work flows, system and trading partner activities, translation maps, and business process implementation.

-Works with existing and emerging business and communication standards.

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