Sterling Community Manager


Sterling Community Manager (SCM)

Sterling Community Manager is a component of Sterling Integrator that uses predefined programs to automate the on-boarding process enabling the organization to expand and manage their partner communities more quickly, more accurately, and with fewer resources. Programs consist of all of the required information gathering and validation steps for any protocol or message standard that is to be used, e.g. AS2, ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, and more. Campaigns enable whole communities to be on-boarded at the same time, and are created by simply linking a chosen program with a particular community.

The use of SSP is a best practice necessity to guard against unauthorized access reducing data vulnerability within your B2B integration environment. Many organizations demand compliance with regulatory policies to protect their data and SSP is an integral part of insuring these requirements are met. Sterling Secure Proxy features and benefits include but are not limited to the following.

Throughout the execution of on-boarding campaigns, dashboards provide full visibility of status and exceptions, and as SCM automatically creates and maintains the required partner profiles and agreements within Sterling Integrator companies can go live with new partners and transactions faster and with less effort than ever before. Some of the benefits afforded by Sterling Community Manager are listed but not limited to the following.

On-board and manage whole communities simultaneously with predefined templates and multiple-partner campaigns.

Reduce effort and accelerate on-boarding with partner self-provisioning.

Gain visibility across partner communities and on-boarding projects.

Real-time alert management, including task notifications.

The Shree Consulting family of expert resources stand ready to assist your organization in realizing the cost savings and competitive advantage of automating the on-boarding and organization of new trading partners with Sterling Community Manager. Contact Shree Consulting for more information.

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