Direct Hire Placement

The direct hire option gives companies the ability to immediately hire Shree Consulting professionals as full-time, internal employees. We verify their experience, skills and personality meet your goals and only represent candidates where there is a strong match. With this service, Shree Consulting and the business partner agree on the terms of the direct hire placement which typically includes the fee percentage and a pro-rated guarantee provision. Who are the best people to fill your positions? Often the best candidate is the professional who completing projects elsewhere. We can reach those passive candidates with whom we’ve built long-term relationships with. Our dedication to candidates and clients is unmatched and our experience allows us to match candidates and companies based on technology, culture and environment. We care about what’s important to each candidate and client alike. If you have the right opportunity, they’ll be happy to hear about it from us.

Our Direct Hire services include:

  • Extensive research and sourcing to identify recruiting pools
  • Direct recruiting to proactively identify top talent based on your needs
  • In-depth interviews and assessments
  • Complete reference checking and background verification
  • Careful matching of candidates to clients
  • Coordination of the client interview process
  • Thorough pre-interview candidate preppingv
  • Post-interview debriefing for client and candidate
  • Careful coordination of the offer-acceptance process
  • Post-placement follow-through and quality assurance

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